Japanese bow Yumi

The bow I am shooting here is called a Daikyu, the standard full lenght yumi. Made with Madake bamboo and hardwood. The core consists of multiple strips of hardwood and bamboo.

The drawweight can be ordered between 30lbs to 70lbs or 13kg to 33kg.

The bamboo is fire hardened over coals. This reduces weight and adds stiffness to the bamboo. Glued with ropes and wedges. These bows have the string on the right side of the bow for thumbring and thumbglove shooting.

Height of archer Arrow length Suggested bow length
< 150 cm < 85 cm Sansun-zume (212 cm)
150–165 cm 85–90 cm Namisun (221 cm)
165–180 cm 90–100 cm Nisun-nobi (227 cm)
180–195 cm 100–105 cm Yonsun-nobi (233 cm)

  • -Bamboo back and belly
  • Hardwood/bamboo core
  • Rattan decorations
  • Deer leather handle
  • Original Japanese string
  • Manual how to take care of your yumi
  • 12 months guaranteed

Poundage 12-70 lbs

Drawlenght: up to 110 cm

Bowstring, and bowsleeve included. 12 month guarantee 

Wood/bamboo core bow €800,-

25 up to 50lb €800,-

50-55 €900,-

55-60 €1000,-

60-70 €1100,-

Custom orders

If you are looking for a specific finish, colour or other options send me an email to see what is available.


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