Care and service

All my bows are made with great care. Each piece has something different which makes the bow unique. I also take custom orders to make your bow one of a kind. All bows come with a year guarantee for brakage, provided that they have had proper care by its owner. If you have any questions on how to take proper care for your bow, I will send you this information.

With each bow I supply a bowglove and bowstringer. The bowstringer is recommended for all my bows. Any mishandling caused for example by improper stringing, dry-fire, limb-twisting or overdrawing will void the one year guarantee. If a bow can be fixed, the customer can send it back to me for a free repair. Any shipping costs are covered by the customer.

All bows come with a recommended brace-height. Be sure to check this often when shooting your bow. On average this will be around 6 or 7 inches. One inch difference is tollerated. A high brace-height will cause that the bow is drawn further than intended. A too short brace-height can cause the bow to flip around and do damage.