Victory Longbow

You can never go wrong with an English longbow. The Victory Longbows are handmade and are a shooting piece of history.

The longbow is made using 3 layers of hardwood and a bamboo backing. The core is tapered to give the best ratio of hardwood and bamboo in the bow. All bows are reflexed for greater speed and avoid stringfollow.

The woods used for the longbow are selected for straight grain and are free of big knots. This will ensure that your bow will have a long life. Woods commonly used are: osage, massaranduba purpleheart, padauk, robinia and ash.  The bamboo used on the backing is Moso or Madake to give the best cast and durability.

All longbows are topped off with typical English style horn nocks and horn or bone arrowpass. They can be strung with the provided longbow stringer.

  • bamboo backing
  • hardwood core
  • horn english style nocks
  • dacron or fastflight string
  • leather handle

Poundage: 25-70#

Drawlenght: up to 32 inches

Bowstring, bowstringer and bowsleeve included.


Detail Longbow