Orion bow

Meet the latest creation of Bamboo Bows named the Orion. The Orion is a horn bow with a bamboo back. This bow has been developed combining the best of both worlds. The traditional skills and core of the bamboo 5 curve and yumi with a horn belly. This construction gives tremendous cast and speed and is very durable.

The Orion offers the benefits of a horn composite without all the extra care you need for a sinew/wood horn bow. No artificial materials are used. Only bamboo for the backing, wood and bamboo core and genuine horn.

Horn can withstand enormous compression and is an ideal material for bows. It is used for thousands of years and can be found in bows made all over the globe. The horns used in these bows come from waterbuffalo or gemsbok. Gemsbok horn was mainly used in ancient Egypt in the ‘angular-bow’, but can also be found in Assyrian bows.

  • bamboo backing
  • hardwood/bamboo core
  • horn nocks
  • dyneema or fastflight string
  • leather handle
  • stingray arrowpass
  • rattan wrapping decoration

Poundage: 25-70#

Length of the bow: between 61 and 65 inches

Drawlenght: up to 32 inches

Bowstring, bowstringer and bowsleeve included. 12 month guarantee.