Kids bow

Kids bow made out of rattan. Handmade traditional bow for the young archers. The bow is made of natural materials and is heat treated to keep it’s form, extending the longevity. The bowstring is nylon that lasts a long time and can easily be replaced. It is recommended that you unstring the bow when not in use.
The bow comes with 2 wooden arrows that are 28 inches long. You can choose for plastic vanes or real feathers. The points of the arrows is blunt but still metal, rubber points are optional.
The bows are between 8-15lbs.
The bow comes with an instructional guide on how to string and shoot the bow.

One kit contains:

  • Natural wood bow. 100cm/39 inch long or 120cm/47 inch long
  • Wood arrows (2x)
  • Armguard and archery tab
  • Braided handle
  • Target face
  • Manual


  • specific draw weight
  • feather arrow
  • rubber points

Poundage: between 8-15lbs. Please specify if you would like a specific draw weight.

Draw length: up to 28 inches

Contact me for any questions or further options.

Custom orders

If you are looking for a specific finish, colour or other options send me an email to see what is available.

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