Bamboo is a wonderfull material to work with. These bows are made from a combination of hardwood and bamboo. Not all bamboo is suitable for bowmaking. I select the best pieces out of Moso and Madake.

These bows are based on earlier designs found in Japan and India. It has 5 curves which you also see in horn bows. All are handmade in the same style as a Japanese Yumi bow. They are glued using only ropes and wedges to set the shape without the use of molds. The core is also based on the Yumi, it has hardwood and bamboo strips as a core, using the bamboo to it’s full potential.

  • bamboo backing and belly
  • hardwood and bamboo core
  • horn nocks
  • dyneema or fastflight string
  • leather handle
  • Stingray arrowpass 
  • rattan wrapping decoration

Poundage: 25-70#

Drawlenght: up to 32 inches

Bowstring, bowstringer and bowsleeve included. 12 month guarantee 


Thema: Baskerville 2 door Anders Noren.

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